Extending Their Slingo Online Bingo Partnership

The Slingo deal between gaming software developer Gaming Realms and gambling technology provider Scientific Games has been extended. This follows the recent announcement of a new four-year licensing agreement between the two corporations.

As a result of their strengthened cooperation, Gaming Realms will be able to sell branded digital lottery tickets. In the past, they had an arrangement whereby Scientific Games had exclusive rights to develop and manufacture Slingo-branded instant scratch-off games, terminal-generated games, and draw-based games.


Persisting with the Current Agreement

Since the year 2000, Scientific Games’ licensed product portfolio has included the Slingo online Bingo-style feature. Markets throughout North America, Oceania, the UK, and Europe are now included in this portfolio’s reach. As a result, the present arrangement, which has been in place for over two decades, will be extended for at least another four years thanks to this updated accord.


Online Bingo gamers, according to Scientific Games’ Director of Lottery Licensed Properties Liz Johnson, have long been fond of Slingo. She also said the firm is ecstatic to have the opportunity to develop even more thrilling variations of Slingo for online and offline play. Lotteries have historically relied on these games to help fund beneficiary initiatives.


The Director elaborated, saying that Slingo is the ideal quick game for prolonged play. Over the past year, sales of these types of games have skyrocketed by 26 percent. There was an increase of 87% in retail sales of all Slingo-branded games between May 2016 and May 2017. These games have an immediate win component to the prizes. This provides gamers with an opportunity to earn real money right away.


Exceeding All Expectations in 2021

Last month, Gaming Realms announced that 2021 business was running slightly ahead of projections. This maintains the “excellent progress” trend seen during all of last year.


According to Gaming Realms, their licensing revenue for Q1 2021 is up 60% year over year. When compared to the previous year’s total of £1.3 million, this year’s amount of £2.1 million is staggering.


Gaming Realms is pleased to announce the extension of its licensing arrangement with Scientific Games, according to Gaming Realms Executive Chairman Michael Buckley. He continued, saying that after 20 years of close collaboration, both sides respect the partnership they’ve formed. The two have had a lot of success together thus far with their online Slingo lottery goods, which are based on the popular Bingo game. Over 550 million tickets were sold, with a total face value of $1.7 billion.






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