Loose Deuces is a fantastic video poker game to play at online casinos for real money. Its high RTP and fast-paced action make it an all-time favorite!

The 2s are wild, which increases rewards (higher than most video poker games) and makes the game extremely popular.

You can play Loose Deuces at any of the online casinos listed below. As we discuss principles, hand rankings, and optimal strategies, we have you covered.

How to Play Video Poker with Loose Deuces

Loose Deuces shares the same fundamental components as the vast majority of other real-money video poker variations. Your hand is comprised of cards from a standard 52-card deck, and the hand rankings are essentially the same despite the various payouts.


The unique aspect of Loose Deuces is that 2s qualify as “Wild” cards, meaning that if you receive a deuce, it can be substituted for any other card in your hand.


For instance, with four 2s and an Ace, it is possible to form a Royal Flush. Due to their Wild status, the 2s can become any card.


Instructions To Begin Playing In An Online Casino

Register at one of our suggested online casinos. They have been examined to ensure that they are legitimate and offer loose twos.

To play for real money and win, you must deposit funds into your casino account.

Select Loose Deuces from the video poker section of the website. Select your preferred coin denomination and wager amount, then select the “DEAL” button after launching the game.

Hold or dispose your cards upon receiving them. Remember to adhere to the strategies and recommendations to make the optimal decision based on your hand.

As soon as you receive your concluding hand, you will be paid according to the following payout table.

Loose Deuces Rules


Loose Deuces resembles other video poker games that you may already be familiar with. However, there are essential game-specific rules you should be aware of before you begin playing.


Royal Flush vs. Wild Royal Flush Royal Flush vs. Wild Royal Flush Wild Royal Flush in Deuces Wild

Royal flushes are the greatest hand in both poker and video poker, but Loose Deuces takes royal flushes to the next level. A “natural” royal flush is one that is achieved without the use of Wild cards. Consequently, a wild royal flush occurs when a royal flush is achieved with the assistance of wild cards.


The compensation for a wild royal flush is less than that of a natural royal flush due to the assistance you receive in achieving this hand. The probability of truly obtaining a natural royal flush is extremely low (around 40,000 to 1), so the payout for the two is understandably different.


Five of a Kind Needs a Wild Card Two five-of-a-kind in loose deuces

It may appear that Five of a Kind is the hand with the highest compensation, but it requires a deuce to be effective, which significantly reduces the payout. When it comes to Loose Deuces, the payout will be reduced if a Wild is required to complete a winning hand.


If you receive two deuces in lieu of the 4 and 7, you can improve a hand such as A A A 4 7 to a five of a kind.


According to the payout table shown below, Five of a Kind rates fourth, behind both royal flushes and four deuces.


Three of a Kind is the lowest possible payout hand.

Triple pair in Loose Deuces

For those familiar with video poker, one of the most notable characteristics of Loose Deuces is that the minimum payout requirement is Three of a Kind.


In Jacks or Better, however, a pair or two pairs will still result in a payout. This rule change is due to the addition of four Wild cards, which make it much simpler to form a hand.



What is the difference between Deuces Wild and Loose Deuces?

The primary distinction between Loose Deuces and Deuces Wild is the paytable, as is the case with the majority of video poker variations. Loose Deuces has the same gameplay and strategy as Deuces wild, but the payment table has been increased.


Assuming we are using the “full pay” table, Loose Deuces pays more for Four of a Kind and Straight Flush than Deuces Wild. Although this may not seem like much, the RTP percentage increases, and with a sufficient number of hands, the difference is noticeable.

Loose Deuces Method


Save Your Bankroll So You Can Play More Hands

You are unable to participate without a bankroll. In order to take advantage of the game’s insanely high RTP (101.64%), it is preferable to play a greater number of hands rather than wagering the utmost amount on each hand.


Increase Your Hand Count To Recoup Your Losses And Win More

Regarding a large number of hands, dependent on the casino, you will be able to increase the number of hands you play per round. If you play with the maximum number of hands, you will have a greater chance of recouping your investment and even turning a profit. Playing only one hand at a time can be time-consuming, and you will lose out on potential profits.


Utilize The Paytable To Enhance Your Technique

Feel free to have the paytable open so that you are aware of the possible hands. If you have the opportunity to make a straight, the paytable may serve as a reminder of which cards to discard and which to retain.


Top Three Reasons for Playing Loose Deuces

We’re certain that once you play Loose Deuces, you’ll be captivated. Here are a few reasons why we believe Loose Deuces should be your preferred video poker game.

Very High RTP Percentage Video poker games have some of the highest RTP percentages available, and Loose Deuces has one of the highest at 101.64 percent.


Rapid-fire Gameplay

As soon as you comprehend the optimal strategy and paytable, your decisions will be swift and the game will proceed rapidly, allowing you to earn a lot of money in a short amount of time!


Relaxing Fun

Video poker, unlike many other online casino table games, requires only a few buttons per round to play.


Commence to Play Loose Deuces Online!

If you are interested in the potential to win a large sum of money in a brief period of time (and who isn’t? ), you should give Loose Deuces a try.


In conjunction with the high RTP, the improved paytable increases your odds of winning.


Visit one of our real money online casinos, sign up to increase your bankroll with the welcome bonus, and have some fun at the Loose Deuces tables for a chance to win today!






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